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Firstly, the KidZone Staff want to send out a sincere THANK YOU to parents who are following all of our policies regarding sick children. We understand it is a hardship to stay out of work or find alternate care when your child is not well. With that said, we are starting to notice children coming into care sick again. Here is a reminder of our current sick policy.


Your child/ren cannot attend care if:

- your child/ren is/are not feeling well and cannot fully participate in class.

- they have a fever. They will need to be out for at least 72 hours symptom free with no medication.

- your child/ren has two or more symptoms they will need a negative COVID test before returning.


**If there are siblings in the house, they need to stay home as well.


**If KidZone is requiring a COVID test, (with 2 or more symptoms) and your child attends the public school, please do NOT send them into school until a negative test is received. We have to communicate this information with the school nurse as well.

If you have any questions about if your child can attend, please feel free to contact the office and we can help.


Thank you for your help in keeping our KidZone Family well. 

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