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"There are 1825 Days between the day children are born and the day they go to kindergarten, there are 1825 days their brains are soaking up information."

Preschool Program

KidZone offers a full day program, for children ages 2.9 to 5 years, in which children learn skills they will need for entering school. The curriculum is meant to encourage children to be actively involved in the learning process by thinking, reasoning, questioning and experimenting with the activities their teachers have for them on a rotating basis. Each Preschool classroom is equipped with an art area, dramatic play area, manipulative area, science/ discovery area, block area, quiet/book area, and a listening station or computer area. Each classroom also contains a water and sand play area. Teachers will monitor child's developmental progress and introduce new skills and/ or concepts as your child is ready.

With our Preschool Program, we believe in teaching children to be independent. We encourage them to explore what interests them academically, while also developing social relationships with other students.

As the child grows and progresses through our program they will learn all the skills needed for Kindergarten. Every child is fully prepared and has a Graduation to celebrate all they have accomplished!



3 Year Old Room


4 Year Old Room

PreK Room

 Kindergarten, Here we come!

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