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We know this is a super stressful time to make decisions for your family. We are here to help!

🎓 Academic Assistance 

🎨 Arts & Crafts

👨🏼‍🤝‍👨🏽 Fun individual and small group activities (6ft apart of course)

🍎 Nutritious Breakfast, Lunch, and PM snack served everyday.

☀️ Outside time

‼️ Happy and healthy kids! 

🙏🏼 Stress free remote learning


KidZone is excited to announce a re-vamped school age program. To help with our families needs, we will now be offering a REMOTE LEARNING CENTER, opening on 9/15. This center is for children grade 1-5, and will offer a safe space to learn as well be social and have fun! 


KidZone will be providing a full day of care for fully remote students, and those who choose the hybrid model. We will help and make sure your child is logging on for all scheduled classes and help to keep them focused and motivated. 


When children are not logged into a class, they have many options, such as, sitting at a community table to socialize, organized crafts and activities, outside time, free play and more.


**Please practice using your child’s chromebook with them. Show them how to log in and where they will need to go. We are here to help them, but having them familiar with the platform will be VERY helpful to your child and the teacher. 

**Talk to your child about what is expected on a ZOOM call and how they need to behave in this new setting. 

**Teach them how to mute and unmute themselves This will help everyone on the zoom call to hear better.

**If you are not familiar with ZOOM - Try to familiarize yourself with it. You need to make sure this is downloaded on your child’s device and have their account set up. 


Here’s What You Need To Know - 



    ✔️KidZone is open from 7am-5pm           Elementary School Day is 8:15am-2:45pm

    ✔️Arrive at KidZone by 8:00AM

    ✔️Fully Charged Device

    ✔️Over the ear Headphones (NO EAR BUDS PLEASE)

    ✔️All school supplies needed for your child’s school day i.e. books, notebooks, pencils etc.                    (this will be provided by the school)

    ✔️If you want your child to eat breakfast, arrive by 7:30am.

    ✔️Your child can bring a backpack to keep with them if needed.



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