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KidZone Transportation wants to welcome you back!

Thank you for putting your trust in us and allowing us to serve your family once again! 

With COVID-19 prevalent in all of our lives, we have implemented some new guidelines to help keep everyone safe.


Here is what to expect!


The same GREAT service, and drivers you are used to. The same rules apply - Be ready and waiting 10 minutes before & after your pick-up time, no personal items, including food and drink, and of course, if you are not riding, let us know!


Here’s what is new!


Before the van arrives: 

  • Make sure your child is well! Free from fever, cough, excess mucous etc.

  • You MUST fill out the pre-screen form EVERY day. The van will NOT come to your residence if the form is not received by 8am.

  • Here is the link. 



*****We will NOT be sending these out daily, or reminding you. This is your responsibility to send this form electronically everyday BEFORE 8AM.

*****If you do not have access to the internet - you can call 413-822-5310 and complete this pre-screen over the phone. It still must be done EVERY DAY.


When the van arrives - 

    -It is strongly encouraged for the parent and child to wash their hands BEFORE entering the vehicle.

    -Parent - MUST be wearing a mask. (if you do not have one, and it is a hardship to obtain one, please call dispatch and let them know, we will help you.)

    -Masks for children over 2 years are optional. 

    -The Driver WILL be wearing a mask. 

    -Parent will open the van door and allow the driver to do a visual inspection of child for signs of illness. Please do NOT get onto the van unless the driver says it is ok.

    -The driver will let the parent know which seat the child should be sitting in. This MUST be adhered to.

    -Parent buckles in their child and exits the vehicle. Parents are encouraged to wash their hands after exiting the vehicle.


What else we are doing to keep your family safe?


  • Vehicles will be cleaned & disinfected between children. 

  • The amount of time your child spends on the vehicle is a maximum of 25 minutes.

  • Your child will be with the same children on the van in the morning, in the classroom, and on the ride home.

  • Windows are opened when appropriate for increased air flow.


We are always open to improve our services. If you think we’ve missed something, let us know!



Be Well~

Aimee & Andy

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